About Jennifer Gottlieb

A community activist and former educator with a long history of civic leadership, Jennifer Gottlieb of Broward County, Florida, has served in a wide range of appointed and elected positions over the years. The recipient of a BS in elementary education from Nova Southeastern University, Jennifer Gottlieb spent many years as a teacher at Dania Elementary School before embarking on a multifaceted political career. Following a period on the Broward County Charter Review Commission, Ms. Gottlieb became government relations manager for the Broward Teachers Union, in which capacity she represented the organization and its interests on local and state levels.

Elected to the School Board of Broward County in 2006, Ms. Gottlieb would implement a number of key reforms during her tenure, including Junior ROTC programs at all Broward high schools, strict anti-bullying measures, and a forward-thinking benefit policy for school employees in domestic partnerships. In recognition of her contributions, Jennifer Gottlieb was elected chairwoman of the school board, and was presented commendations from both the U.S. Army and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Violence prevention and child safety programs that she developed proved so successful that they are in effect to this day.


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